Friday, February 10, 2017

Share the Love

Share the Love


This month Kinder Friends are finding ways to Share the Love. We are each such passionate people and have a cause that is near to our hearts. We want to highlight these charities, in hope that you will connect and be able to join us in 'Sharing the Love' 
We each are teachers who have stores on Teachers Pay Teachers {}
where we create curriculum and resources for teachers and parents to use in their classrooms or at home with their children. We are giving 10% of our sales from February 10th - 14th to a charity of our choice. Follow the blog hop at the bottom of the page to visit each of our blogs. Join us in sharing the love and helping when we can. 

 Sharing the Love for JRock

Rachel Davis with her son Jameson Rock "JRock"

Rachel Davis and I met at the beginning of our teaching career. Little did we know how much that friendship would develop into a sisterhood. Rachel and I taught 1st grade together on one of the most cohesive teams I have ever been a part of. We were teachers in range from 1 year experience to 20 years, but the connection we all had made for a special dynamic. Now that team of teachers is spread from Texas and all over Florida but one thing hasn't changed, the power and connection we all shared.

March 7th 2016, Rachel and Mark welcomed their 4th son, Jameson Rock Davis. Jameson was born with an arrhythmia and hole in his heart. After other complications on October 25th, Jameson had heart surgery where the surgeon was successful in relocating some of the arteries that were obstructing his airway. Jameson and family spent time in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Healing Hearts Project helps families like the Davis'. They provide support and encouragement with care packages for the families who have a patient in the CVICU. Every day Jameson was in the CVICU The Healing Hearts Project gave care packages like snacks, water, and coffee. The Davis Family spent over 2 months in the CVICU and The Healing Hearts Project was there everyday for them. AMAZING! Their 'heart cart' provides a sense of home for these families who are praying for their healing loved one. 

Jameson is just weeks from turning 1 years old. He is doing so well in his therapies and loves hanging with his 3 older brothers. Rachel and I live 4 hours away, but when I visit it is like no time has past. There is something about the connection we have together. She is such a strong Christian, wife and mother. I love learning from her and watching her boys grow. 
Join me in supporting The Healing Hearts Project in Jacksonville, Florida. Or reach out to your local children's hospital and see how you can get involved. 

To shop my teacher resources please visit my store {link}
10% of my sales will go to - The Healing Hearts Project
and the families of Wolfson Children's Hospital and UF Pediatric Cardiology

JRock GoFund Me
This donation will go directly to the Davis Family to support Jameson's medical needs.

Keep moving through all 7 of our blogs this month. I am so honored to be apart of such a wonderful group of #kinderfriends. All of us are sharing the love by giving 10% of our store sales to a charity of our choice. 


Here is a new resource in my store to help celebrate love and learning in your classroom. Parents, this is also a great way to practice CVC words at home with your kindergarten student. 
We love playing learning games at home. 

Jenny also has a resource in her store to support CVC words.

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  1. So excited to have donated $50 to The Healing Hearts Project! #jrockstrong