Monday, March 20, 2017


Spring Break is here for us! We are enjoying the warm days and cooler nights here in Florida. My kindergarten students were anxious for this week off. So many of them had wonderful vacations planned.

Before fully enjoying my vacation plans I started mapping out the rest of the year.
When we get back we are starting our last unit of nonfiction for reading and writing. Because we are just getting back from a break, I like to launch this unit with a quick review and reminder of determining fiction or nonfiction as well as some of the tools we use as we are reading nonfiction.

Here are a few of my sale resources that help me do a quick review. All of these resources can be found with the hashtag #kinderfriends in a TpT search. All of the other kinder friends also have sale items with our hashtag.

These passages are great for differentiated instruction in your classroom. I have students who are beginning readers as well as students who are soaring in their reading. I love being able to use these passages and challenge the students who are ready.

I hope you enjoy the start of Spring with your students. This is such a great learning time when the thinking is blooming! 

Check out Robin @ Class of Kinders for some great resources. I always love her ideas and engaging activities. 
Class of Kinders