Monday, August 14, 2017


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The months of August and September are a complete blur ... I’m pretty sure they don’t even happen. In fact I even had trouble remembering exact events that happen in those months. School being back in swing is chaos in my house. Please tell me that I'm not alone. 

Some of my back to school essentials are things that keep me sane. Here are a few of my essentials that keep me from the looney bin. 

  1. Prep my meals. Our lunches fly by and dinner sneaks up on us. So I go to Sams and buy a ridiculous amount of food. I’m pretty sure the cashier thinks I have 20 kids living with me. I stock up on anything that is easy and can be on the go. I love Kind bars, turkey roll ups, and super easy dinners that may or may not be cereal. I bake a crazy amount of egg muffins to give me breakfast for a month. I just put different toppings in them to mix it up. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for egg muffins - super easy to freeze and warm up. I eat them on the way to school. 
{Recipe from A Sassy Spoon}

2. Pull 5 days of school clothes every Sunday to prep yourself for the week. This is a little crazy. But I am running out of brain power in August so anything to help reserve my braincells. I hang the outfit and all the accessories on the hanger ready to go. When I am searching for my coffee and talking myself into another blow dry... I won’t have to think about what I am wearing. 

{this is my real.. not perfect closet picture!}

3. Change your clothes when you walk in the door. Someone gave me this advise when I first started teaching and I really wasn't feeling it at first, but now it is a MUST! I change into comfy yoga pants and just feel different. I still am cutting laminate and my brain is going 100 miles an hour, but I’m comfortable. Try it... let me know... and you’re welcome!

4. Pick 1 day of the week to stay late and accomplish it all. I arrange pick up schedules for the kids and have 1 day to stay at school and prep everything. This helps me not stay until midnight every single day. I still stay and prep but this is MY day. I close the door turn on music and just work. It is amazing at all the things I can accomplish on my Thursdays. When it was difficult for my husband to juggle pick up I would even go back up to school after dinner. If your campus is open later, this is a great opportunity to be working without distractions. Not every night. You need to have you time. But I do love having a day to keep working as long as I need to. 

5. Labor Day is a relaxing weekend. Here in Florida we start school early in August so I start planning and prep after 4th of July week. I always need a goal and finish line in sight. So I give myself Labor Day weekend to just relax. By this point I really have no choice but to recharge and relax. Set a date in your calendar to just have some time off.

All the advice in the world couldn’t really help in August and September, but if one thing helps save a few braincells then its worth it. I honestly have learned to manage my time better and to eat on the go (you don't want me missing meals). I hope you have a wonderful school year and make some time for yourself. Schedule those times in your calendar so you are able to fit them in. 


These are 2 of our favorite essentials to start the year off!


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Robin over at Class of Kinders is a rock for me during back to school time. She not only has great resources but I love her creativity. I may wish to some day be in her class!


  1. I LOVE all your great ideas... so many great ways to save our precious time. I love egg muffins for breakfast. Can't wait to try that recipe. Thank you!

  2. These are such great ideas to keeping organized and healthy! Thanks for the great tips! I am definitely making the egg muffins! What a great time saver!

  3. I so need to use your outfit idea, I did it for my children when they were little, but never thought about doing it for me. No more surprises that something needs ironing, I'm going to make this a part of my weekend - thank you for sharing your tricks and tips!

  4. Yessss! Comfy clothes makes all the difference for sure! Thanks for the sweet shout out! ;-)Robin

  5. Breakfast muffins for a month....THIS I need to try! With four kids in after school sports and activities, they tend to go to bed later than I wish and I find myself dragging them out of bed the next morning. I bet they'd like these muffins in the morning. I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing!

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